Bring yoga to you

Need more yoga in your life but aren’t sure how to fit it in? Why not bring yoga to you! Perfect for small groups and workplaces, these can be set up as a class series or an individual workshop. No need to travel, you can save time by bringing yoga to your space.

Take it to the next level

Want to bring more foot-traffic into your business? Or want to take your event to the next level? Why not include yoga as part of what you’re doing! Integrate yoga with what you’re already offering. Give people another reason to come to your retail space or event.

Make it work for you

Choose the time classes are held, the duration of the class, and even a focus or intention for the practice. Classes or workshops are flexible and can be customized to suit your unique needs.

What it could look like

Workshops or classes are taught with a focus for the practice. While they can be customized, here are some themes that give you an idea of what a practice may look like.


Our feet and legs support us, connecting us with the ground. Building a strong and stable foundation allows us to handle the challenges that life brings us. This class will focus on building the base of our foundation and rooting into the earth.


Spines carry us through life, bending and turning through all the directions we move in. The tension that is built up in the core of our bodies needs to be released so that we can remain flexible. This class will focus on gently twisting and releasing the tensions in the body’s core and spine.


Opening the heart space counters the rounding forward we often do in life. Bringing in space into our front bodies allows the breath to flow and the spine to properly align. This class will focus on bringing space into the heart and the area that surrounds it.

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